In Tibet, Padma Sambhava "The Lotus-Born" is venerated as the second Buddha, as well as the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. He is commonly referred to as "Guru Rinpoche" (Precious Teacher).


The following wish-fulfilling healing prayer was given by Padma Sambhava to the prince of Tibet in the eighth century. In this prayer, Padma Sambhava is personified as the reincarnation of the Medicine Buddha, the divine physician who can cure all ills.


By praying to this archetypal form we enter into the healing current of transcendental energy and blessings.


The illusory bodies of all sentient beings suffer from fear, harm, and illness.
Through an indescribable ocean of misery we pray to the power of
The Healing Buddha
The Physician Buddha
The Spiritual Doctor

who heals all ills and afflictions
through his form as the
Lotus-Born Buddha.


May our longevity and vitality be unhindered by illness, accidents, and suffering.


Please bestow the blessing to fulfill all our sterling wishes and aspirations.


One with all Awakened Ones throughout time and space. Blissful presence and source of all spiritual accomplishments. Fierce destroyer of illusion who dispels every obstruction. We pray to you for blessings and inspiration:


Please remove all outer, inner, hidden and unknown obstacles and spontaneously fulfill our sterling aspirations.