One day I prayed to the Buddhas, the Boddhisattvas, the Patriaches, the Saints, etc.  to make all of my merits, virtues and blessings from my practice of Buddhism and spiritual gains from practicing Pure Land Buddhism within one month to be appeared on the sky.  So that I can prove to some of my friends in California that all of my practice in Buddhism will work and for real.  I bought an affordable camera to take all the photo appear in the sky for that month and the days after that month.  But about after one month, my camera was broken and didn't work.  I couldn't take no more wonderful pictures and the sky was back to normal as it would be.  Here are all of the pictures that I took in that month.  You can examine them, they are for real.  My spiritual gains of merits, virtues and blessings, good karma and Pure Land Buddhism are for real.  In my opinions, practice Buddhism is not hard if you have patience, love and know how to practice.  Here are the pictures:



Picture 1:  The sky shows signs of good practice of Pure Land Buddhism with very much good karma and merits. 



 Picture 2:  Description like above, but in different place on the sky


Picture 3:  Reciting The Amitabha Buddha's name in Pure Land Buddhism


 Picture 4:  View of the sun



 Picture 5:  Good signs of reciting Amitabha Buddha's name


Picture 6:  The Buddhas, Boddhisattvas, etc.  arrive to listen my morning chanting.  The sky shows good signs for good practices of Pure Land Buddhism on previous day.  There is a warning sign at the present time:  'Take your picture quickly, you maybe late for the chanting.' 



Picture 7:  During the morning chanting, I gain lots of merits, good karma, virtues and blessings.  Those merits, good karma, virtues and blessings  will be transferred to my practicing of Pure Land Buddhism.  So that I can be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha.



Picture 8:  The sun rises up (the blue dot is the center of the sun).  I gain lots of wisdom during the chanting. 



Picture 9:  Picture taken after the morning chanting.  During the chanting, I make a few mistakes (bad karma), but I also gain lots of wisdom.  The sun indicates wisdom.



 Picture 10:  Wonderful clouds in the morning


Picture 11:  Same as above 


Picture 12: Same as above with the sun in view


 Picture 13: Same as above without the sun



 Picture 14:  BUDDHAs and Bodhisattvas let me know that I am wasting my time by not doing productive things in Buddhism.



Picture 15:  More time is wasted. 


Picture 16:  There is some improvement. 


Picture  17:  Blue sky


 Picture 18: Wonderful clouds because I practice Mahasthamaprata Bodhisattva's vows well

Picture 19:  Same as above


 Picture 20:  Same as above 


Picture 21:  Beautiful sky view in the morning


Picture 22:  The sun rises


Picture  23: Same as above 


Picture 24: Same as above with much better zoom view

 Picture 25: The sun rises above in the sky 


Picture 26:   Deep blue sky 


Picture 27:   Practicing Pure Land Buddhism well

Picture 28:  Same as above 


Picture 29:  Same as above 

Picture 30:  Same as above 


Picture 31:  When I recited Amitabha Buddha's name in the Buddha's name recitation ceremony in the afternoon, there was a lots of wonderful clouds. 


Picture 32:  Same as above


Picture 33:  Same as above


Picture 34:   Sky view in Early morning next day 


Picture 35:  The sun rises


Picture 36: Same as above 


Picture 37:  Same as above


Picture 38:  Same as above with better zoom view


Picture 39:  Same as above but the skyline window has some scratches 


Picture 40:  Wonderful view of the sun in the afternoon


Picture 41:  Same as above 


Picture 42:  Sky view in early morning next day 

Picture 43:  Beautiful sky in the morning 


Picture 44: Same as above with better zoom view


Picture 45:  Same as above but in a different view mode of the camera 


Picture 46: Same as picture 44


Picture 47: Same as above


Picture 48: Same as above

        There maybe not enough pictures for about 30 days periods.  When I have the other pictures I will upload here early.